The Officer Bradley A. Moody Memorial Underpass project is a roadway undercrossing in place of an existing grade crossing at Marina Bay Parkway between Regatta Boulevard and Meeker Avenue in Richmond. This grade separation project will reduce traffic congestion and allow emergency vehicles to access the South Richmond Shoreline area unimpeded. The project would improve access to proposed Water Emergency Transit Authority (WETA) ferries and improve air quality by reducing emissions of idling vehicles.

Project Funding

Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and the Successor Agency to the Richmond Community Redevelopment Agency.

Project Updates

Last Updated: October 1st, 2015

During the week of September 28th, the second of four bridge towers was installed while installation of decorative metal on the bridge continued. Additionally, doors for the generator building were installed and modification of the driveway and parking areas at the Crossings commercial complex continued.

 For the week of October 5th, installation of decorative metal will continue, generator building siding will be completed, and pump station startup activities will be completed. Work on the Crossings commercial complex will continue, as will installation of irrigation materials.

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July 3rd, 2015 - Partial Opening of Road

Gordon N Ball, The Hanna Group, and the City of Richmond is proud to have two lanes open in each on the Officer Bradley A. Moody Underpass project. We have listened to the community’s desire to have one lane open on each side North Bound and South Bound on Marina Bay Parkway to accommodate traffic while construction continues on-going until finished in about two months. Thank you for your patience, understanding and input during the past 20 months during construction.

Today was a very special day for the Moody family. At 3:30pm, GNB opened a lane in each direction on the Moody Underpass project. In HONOR of Officer Bradley A. Moody, his brother Officer James Moody a RPD, his Mother, sister-in-law, along with his niece and nephew were escorted by the RPD and fellow RPD brothers of Officer Bradley A. Moody through the underpass in dedication to Officer Moody. We will have an official ribbon cutting ceremony upon completion of the underpass.

Bulletin Board


The sidewalks will not be open at least not until the middle of October. We apologize for the bad news. All railings have not been installed for the sidewalks yet. Additionally, there is construction taking place above which can cause serious bodily damage or death to anyone who attempts to walk through. 

The overall 
completion date for the project is Fall 2015. There will be one lane opened in each direction starting July 3rd, 2015. 

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